One Strand


Where every woman is a gift & every gift counts!

One Strand Team
Living Loved... Living Connected
A movement of women, beautifully broken,
working together to be the change.

  1. Kathy DuBois, Visionary Leader
    Kathy DuBois
    Kathy is impassioned. She is an instrumental part of the One Strand team, working closely with us to create a place for women to belong and feel loved. Kathy's role will always involve keeping the team looking at the heart of things, helping women to know they are loved, and an instrumental part of God's plan at home, at work, and in ministry.
  2. Cheryl Dore, One Strand Ministries Founder
    Cheryl Dore
    God wrote the vision for One Strand on Cheryl's heart. It's about creating venues that serve to impart hope, whereas, every woman is a gift and every gift counts. She is beautifully broken, a willing tool in God's hand, set on growing a community of women sold out—women answering the call—women hopeful of being the heart, the hope, and the miracle. Her invitation is to press in to be useful to God and to listen well to be sent!
  3. Constance Starbard, Ministry Director
    Constance Starbard
    Constance is an amazing gift, called to make a place for God to work in all our lives. Her deep love has prepared her to implement life changing events. She owns the One Strand vision and will connect women intentionally, unlock dreams, and make room for God to heal hearts! Be sure to benefit from her work and involvement with the Father. Join us for an inspirational night out.
  4. Caroline Irwin
    Caroline Irwin
    A current university student, Caroline brings a level of ingenuity that leaves women wanting more. Her gifts, love of Jesus and inventive qualities sets the stage helping the ministry of One Strand reach heights that would be challenging without her. We are excited to benefit from her unique strengths and hopeful of helping her reach the mark God has for her.
One Strand is called to string together a collective voice representing God's creative temperaments or passions, whereas "every woman is a gift and every gift counts!" It's preparing women for an impact in life, whether in the home, through ministry, or in business.

One Strand is a growing collection of women with unique gifts, passions, and callings. Each one a single pearl on a delicate chain, but together one strand with many pearls.

One Strand  will unearth your creative temperament, bring luminosity to your pearl, preparing it for the strand that's a perfect fit.

Expect the Unexpected!
We have an awesome God! He wants a strand that stands out in the darkness. He's calling us to cross lines of resistance to step into our unique destiny!

Watch for future ministry events

and avenues for involvement!

Let's become One Strand... seek God's agenda for our lives together, create avenues for women of faith and purpose to unlock and put to good use their gifts and passions, and impact our families and neighborhood!
Stringing the Pearls
Preparing women of all ages to serve the
creative purposes of God in their lives!
Expect a growing collection of women... gifted and empassioned
Women answering the call, God unlocking their potential!
Alone a single pearl, but woven together we create "One Strand!"
Here you will find that
"Every Woman is a Gift, and Every Gift Counts!"