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Where every woman is a gift & every gift counts!

Cheryl Dore

Where every woman is a gift & every gift counts!

Position women to unwrap their:
Uniqueness | Value | Self-worth | Gifts | Discernment Through Faith in Jesus

Cheryl's messages of experiencing God is to encourage imperfect steps on the dance floor of life. God gets us alone, as with the disciples, and speaks to us through parables. We cannot know God fully or hear Him until we are alone with Him in our circumstances. We connect with the love of the Father in the quiet despite feelings of inadequacy. In brokenness audiences are empowered to go deeper with God. 

  • Do you have one goal in mind for your event?
  • Do you want your audience to  experience change in their lives?

Cheryl  and her team will work with your team to create that experience. She will work with you to customize the program to meet your needs... combining powerful content from her book with the most popular keynote themes to bring a message that is the right fit for your audience. Cheryl's core messages will inspire us in all seasons of life to puruse authentic faith.

Here are a few topics for your consideration:

  • My Life Letters     Uncover landmarks, recognize sign-posts, track answers, keep letters of conversation with God 
  • Deeper Still           When the odds are stacked against us God gets us alone, pulls us to a deeper level of intimacy
  • You are Enough   In Christ you are enough, created to move mountains, slay giants, live bold
  • Make me Brave    Life knocks us down, God picks us up, puts a sword in one hand, a trowel in the other

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I" read more of your book during my quiet time this morning, and cannot say enough about how perfect it is!  It seems that Satan was trying to keep that book out of print, and put you through a personal "hell" before you got it published. 

Now I know why God kept putting you on my heart for the past year or so. Even our meeting up in Fred Meyer that day was His plan.  Life is so exciting when we see all those "signposts"!"

—Diane Blouin Neill

Christian Author and Speaker
Cheryl Dore