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Where every woman is a gift & every gift counts!

Cheryl Dore
Where every womann is a gift and every gift counts
Unique | Valued | Esteemed | Gifted | Connected

This tagline describes Cheryl's drive to help women realize how beautiful they are inside and out. She's commited to helping women embrace their full potential... their value, purpose and identity in Christ Jesus. 

After watching her fifteen year old brother go home to Jesus, Cheryl surrendered her life and has followed Jesus since. He died from an alcohol overdose after accepting a $15 bet that he could not guzzle a 5th of brandy. He took the bet and never woke up.

Heartbreak, sadness, disapointment, and fear makes life hard. Cheryl Dore can fully identify with women who struggle and are apt to compare their life with the woman who appears to have it all figured out. She's described a woman who hears well from the Lord and comforts the broken places.

Julia Broeders said, "I can't count the number of times Cheryl Dore has spoken words that have comforted the cry of my heart. She is not afraid of the broken places in us . . . she longs to be a part of redeeming those broken places. Love her!​" 

Cheryl Dore is an a published author, with My Life Letters her most recent book. She teaches women to pursue their own life changing conversations with God to hear well. Her blog, A Place For You, platforms Cheryl's voice to comfort the cry of every woman while encouraging her to be committed to living out her influence in the everyday place. 

For more than twenty five years, Cheryl Dore has served women in various capacities, as a women's ministry board member, Bible teacher, MOPS speaker, published author, and conference leader and speaker. Cheryl now serves as Leader of Her Faith, New Life Church, Everett, WA, and as CEO of Onestrand, Where Every Womann is a Gift and Every Gift Counts!

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