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Where every woman is a gift & every gift counts!

Cheryl Dore
Where every womann is a gift and every gift counts
Unique | Valued | Esteemed | Gifted | Connected

Cheryl Dore is compelled by the Word of God and believes it is relevant and life-giving to every individual who pursues the transformational power of Christ. Her personal pursuit of God has impassioned her. She has spent decades teaching women of all ages to know God through encounters with Him in His Word. She believes “every woman is a gift and every gift counts.”

As a result of her passion Cheryl has a bachelor’s degree in Theology and leads the ministry, Her Faith, which is a community of women in the greater Seattle area who enjoy laughter, learning, and connections. She is a Bible teacher, speaker, published author, and the Chief Innovations Leader of One Strand a ministry dedicated to growing women of faith, connecting God’s pearls, and creating one strand. Women change. Lives change. Homes change as a result of their time together with God and His Word.

Cheryl has been praised by Marjie Schaefer, Leader of Flourishing Through the Word, for her teaching style and dedication to the growth of women. Julia Broeders raved, “Cheryl Dore hears so well from the Lord on behalf of women. I can't count the number of times she has spoken words that have comforted the cry of my heart. She is not afraid of the broken places in us . . . she longs to be a part of redeeming those broken places. Love her!​” Another, Diane Neill, wrote, “I read more of your book during my quiet time this morning, and cannot say enough about how perfect it is!”

Cheryl married a Montana farm boy, Tim, and brought him to Seattle, where together they have two children: a son Devin, and a daughter, Jenna. They are now grandparents of five boys, ages 8, 6, two age 3, and age 2. Add to the collection a new baby girl, 3 mos. Old.

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