Living Connected... Living Loved
Working together to cultivate a network for healing and hope

Living Loved ... Living Connected
Working together to cultivate a network for healing and hope

We're Glad You Found Us!​​

If you are looking to connect
and to grow your faith
outside of church or find outlets for

your unique purpose
we're excited you decided

to check out
One Strand.
Our hope is that you
feel included,
find connections,
and experience God

in all areas of life.
What We Offer
Inspirational Events

Winter 2017
One Voice

Women of Focus
Fall 2016 Topical Faith Based Study
My Life Letters
Sept 21 - Nov 30, 2017 
Bi-weekly (Thursdays)
more information

Hosted at New Life Church
Everett, WA
Inspirational Night Out
Dec. 3, 2017
Christmas Dessert

and Christmas Marketplace
Snohomish Event Center

April 2018

Women's Spring Event

New Life Church - More info coming

What is Our Mission
Living Loved... Living Connected

One Strand is connecting women of faith and purposes.
Each woman a single pearl, but together we make up "one strand!"

One Strand is about a collective voice, creating outlets for
impassioned women to serve God's creative purpose for their lives!

One Strand is prayerfully unlocking paths so that women step
into God's plan and serve as God's instrument in the world today.

One Strand is equipping, empowering and creating outlets for
women to serve the purposes of God in ministry,
business, and life!

 "Every Woman is a Gift and Every Gift Counts!
One Strand
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